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Let us clarify one thing straight at the beginning.

Less is often the very definition of more. Less of one thing means more of another. There will be times during this project where less blogging = more happiness for my family. During those times, I will be here less often. I do not intend to live within the procured existence one can find in blogs. This is merely my method of accountability and a measure of progress.

And so, in the very spirit of less is more, I begin these challenges to myself by first setting things in order.

Order is bliss. Consider this my statement on the affects of one's surroundings on their state of mind and its ability to unify the disparate elements of daily living into a well-functioning, efficient, productive whole. In other words, I speak of housework. If my kitchen is clean, I am happy. And if other rooms extending throughout our quarters are likewise clean, tidy, and in all general aspects without undo clutter - my happiness increases. Exponentially.

My goal is to be more...well, any number of things, really. However, before I can produce for myself additional assignments in pursuit of these goals, it is a duty incumbent upon me to clean this house! Less mess = more clean. Simple math, my friends.

I find myself flying along pinned to the coattails of a busy winter season resplendent with holiday activities and parties and house guests and church work. After enjoying those events, though, we find ourselves in the aftermath. Moving through family life unorganized, unfocused, and unproductive.

Today I begin with goal number one, to be more...clean, as in tidy (though a shower would also be nice). That's right, I'm cleaning this house, baby. Top to bottom, with the exceptions of the basement, which is B's and the garage, which is also B's. Those are no-fly zones when it comes to my organizational skills. I try to walk through them with blinders, and with a wincing sigh I shut the door on those areas and dispose them from my thoughts. I can only control what I can control, and nothing more.

When that is finished, I will check in with another assignment to myself.

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