the more project

I don't want to be someone else, I only wish to reclaim myself. Shake the air. Crack the sky. And hope the dust of monotony and tedium will dissipate.

I can declare, vow, promise, proclaim, announce, blazon, say I am going to do any number of things. Set out a lofty resolution list that should leave its mark of transcendence upon me. Write it on an index card at the beginning of the decade and tape it to my wall.

But I'd rather not.

I already know who I am. And I'm thirsty for that girl. I want more. Not materially, and not different from myself. More of myself. I am creative, but I want more of it. I am educated, but I want to know more. I love my family, but I want to do more for them. I want to be myself, just the better part of myself.

And so begins The More Project.

Rather than a few overzealous goals set out in resolution form, I have a different plan. As often as I am able, I will seek for ways to do something more. These assignments to myself may be minute, perhaps appear trivial. But they will be my effort to begin living on purpose.

By seeking in small and simple ways to reclaim my spirit, I hope to slowly, quietly, steadily reset my course.


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