Okay, so I found a project. Not that I have any lack of projects on that to-do list in my brain. However, as I was pondering what new assignment I might give myself and strolling around some inspiring blogs, I came across a project that should be easy, fun, and hopefully under $20. You may have seen this artwork featured on Young House Love. Just framed words. I'm not in love with what this particular piece says, but it occurred to me that I might challenge myself to come up with an image of words that might be simple and powerful for my family.

I have a narrow wall in our dining area in need of a bench and some artwork. The bench, my husband must build, so we'll have to wait on that one until he has more time. The print currently occupying the space is ill-framed and too small, even for that small wall. However, a long, vertical frame with word art might just be the thing to brighten, fill, and add interest to the wall. And this would be very inexpensive to change up in the future if I decide to print up a different quote, poem, etc.

Now the challenge is to find just the right words. Isn't that always the challenge, though? I am rarely in possession of such a gift. Do I use something of my own creation? Go with something from a classic novel or treatise on nature? Should I wax scriptural? I am now officially on the look-out for the right words...and the best printing option for an 11 X 34 inch quote.

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  1. So much to say, so little space! I'm really digging this blog, and as always I'm impressed by your projects. I love the heart pins (and the pic of baby G with hers on) and the family valentine box. I might have to steal that idea (and the cute cords baby G is wearing in that pic). In fact, I might have to steal a lot of your ideas. You've been warned.