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Well, my baby is sick this week. Sigh. That certainly curbs my plans for creating fabulous valentines this week to fill our family valentine box. I have only created a few things so far, so I'll share those now and we'll see how much I get done the rest of this week. I may just end up using some of the cute downloads available out there in bloggerville if my week continues to be a hands-free one.

First of all, I created these cute valentine coupons. I just printed them on white card stock, cut them out, pulled them together with a decorative brad, and tied a ribbon around them. Maggie adores gifts of time, like a date night or a trip to Maggie Moo's. So I plan to fill her coupon books with things like that. And, since Captain Thoughtful most likely will not get his valentines made for this year (shocker!), I'll give him a book of coupons to fill out for Mags as well.

This one I made using vintage clip art from this site.

These are more simple coupons, but also cute for a little girl.

Also, I sewed up some funny little animal valentines from some leftover fleece and felt I had. One for each of the girls. Since I didn't have a pattern or anything, they turned out kind of goofy. Additionally, I had a grabbing, fussy munchkin on my lap as I was sewing. Hmmmmm. Still, it's a valentine in the box, so that's good.

Also, I snaked an idea from someone's Etsy shop and made my own eye chart valentine. This will be for B from all of us girls. I don't have a photo of that one yet, but I'll post it when I do. Tonight we will be busy putting together valentine's for Maggie's class party. So, these offerings may just have to be enough. Well, that's not true. I have one more project to make heart pins for the girls to wear to school and church. I'll get those made today. I had another idea for some hand-painted cards, but I think little Miss Fever here in my arms will usurp the time set aside for making those.

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  1. I love the bears! So cute. You've inspired me to create personalized Valentines for my family. They may not be "Wow" material, but they are specially created for each one of them. I'll post them on my blog after I get photos. Thanks for the inspiration.