doodle collage

I have the fun opportunity to work with the 8 and 9 year old girls in our church for a program they call Activity Days. Basically, we get together after school twice a month and hold activities for them that help fulfill goals in several areas, with the ultimate goal of earning their Faith in God award when they turn twelve.

I adore this job, adore these girls, and am newly motivated to do more and be better at it. I have been working with another woman from church who is AMAZING. So amazing that she didn't much need/want my help with the activities. However, she has asked to be released from this job because she is also the director of our church's Girls Camp...and even super woman has her limits, right? I will miss her example of love and service to these girls, and I am happy to have had the chance to watch her in action. Now, until I have a new teaching companion, the planning falls to me. But I am excited about this!

So, this week I taught the girls how to do Doodle Collages...basically artwork that they can use to capture an event or use for goal-setting. We reviewed and listened to a talk entitled, What Have I Done for Someone Today? from a recent General Conference. I created a doodle collage prior to the activity to show the girls how to do it, and mine was generated from quotes and ideas I got from listening to this talk. In it I tried to set goals for being more motivated to be kind and to serve others. The girls made their own collages, and they were super cute. I should have taken pictures of it all, but I failed to. One of those times when you were enjoying the moment and failed to document it. So imagine 10 cute girls sitting around my kitchen table making their collages and setting goals to be and do better. I am humbled by them and their positive attitudes.

Anyway, here is my collage. It's not much, but it gives you the idea. I like the idea of maybe creating something like this to give my girls as a card for a birthday or something, perhaps filled with things they did or accomplished that year. Just a thought...for another month.

p.s. My husband thinks this collage looks like it came straight from the 60's...a little too psychedelic for his tastes. I was just trying to be bright and colorful for the girls! Promise!


  1. Oh wow!! I LOVE this collage and I love this blog! I am really happy that I know you--you really inspire me! And darn I miss you as my neighbor. I saw some peony plants for sale and it made me think of you and your love for those blooms. Take care and say hi to your cute family.

  2. WOW! Amy, that is amazing! How can you say it's not much? You should submit it to the church magazines. I know Stauney will love the idea so I'll have to show her. And I love the idea of making one to showcase accomplishments. How fun. Did you do it with ink and watercolors?