Easter-ific, part 3

Thanks to wonderful Kristyn from Cerebral Blueprint for telling me about The Graphics Fairy ! I was able to find additional cute vintage Easter cards there, which means I just might be hanging more over one of my windows in the near future. Though I have another project in mind for Easter as well. I'm hesitant to place it as a goal here because I'm worried it won't turn out. What I want to do is sew a couple of little bunnies to put in Maggie and Grace's Easter baskets. But I don't have a pattern, just a picture I found on a website, for what I want to create. You all saw how the Valentine's animal creations turned out without patterns...not stellar.

Also, I wanted to create a pretty nightgown for Mags and one for G...something simple and sweet like you might imagine Miss Elizabeth wearing in
Pride and Prejudice. But I'm running out of time this month, so it just might have to wait. What to do? I shall post my goal for accomplishing ONE of those tasks. Which one? Ah...you'll have to stay tuned!

For now, enjoy these additional Easter prints. And let me know if any of you decorate with them or use them for cards this season! Click on the images to enlarge.

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