Last Saturday I ran Suncrest for the 4th time. It was AMAZING (aside from it snowing on me...actually, I was kind of okay with that). Up near the top the fog was so thick I could only see about 40 feet in front of me, and around mile 4 I was thankful to not have a clear view of coming hills as I pushed forward to the top. It was like running inside a cloud bubble, and it was very peaceful.

I have now conquered Suncrest twice without stopping on the 10 mile round-trip. I've been up 5 times total. But I made a costly mistake on Tuesday. Sure, it was only three days after running it on Saturday, and I should have taken a short run that evening. But a friend was anxious to try the mountain on for size, so I decided to tackle it again with her. And it would have been fine, except I had the beginnings of a torn muscle. It didn't feel like much, so I plowed forward. At the top, however, I realized I would have to walk the remaining 5 miles because I was in a lot of pain. But running is pain, you know? So I didn't think much of it.

Perhaps I should have. Sigh. I have not been out for a run in 4 days now, and though I can again walk up the stairs without crying out in pain, I'm not exactly stellar Ragnar material right now. I'm taking the full week off from running in hopes that I can be back in business for the race in just a few short weeks. I should have been off running mile after mile today, which is my most peaceful moment of the week. Instead, well...I'm not.

Here's hoping three or four more solid days of rest will fix this mess so Baby G and I can hit the roads again soon. I'll keep you updated!

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  1. Not good! I hope you heal quickly and soon. I have to go get my foot x-rayed, but luckily I don't have a race coming up. I injured it SWIMMING (how stupid is that) in April and it's not getting better.