mother's day coupon books

For Activity Days last week, we made coupon books for Mother's Day. I designed several basic coupon book pages, and then made some covers for the girls to choose from to enclose their coupons. Then, after a lesson on the value of work and serving one another in our families, the girls assembled their books. I thought, since Mom's Day is this week, I might post the templates and a sneak peek at how we assembled them.

Now you, too, can give a little coupon lovin' to Mom this weekend. (You can use them outside of Mother's Day as well!)

The coupon books all bound and ready to go:

A little look at how they come together inside:

The coupon pages (click on each image to enlarge):

Many of the images I used were found over at The Graphics Fairy and at The New York Public Library Digital Gallery. Thanks to Kristyn from Cerebral Blueprint for tuning me in to these sites. They will be up on the sidebar sometime soon.

And for our next activity, I was able to find enough used copies of the Katherine Woods translation of
The Little Prince for each of the girls. They each have the assignment to read the book, and we are going to have a book review next week.

I just felt so happy about this lovely little stack of books before they went to their new homes. I'm looking forward to hearing what the girls learn from the story, and I'm thinking we may plant flowers for our activity.

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  1. I LOVE the tree on the second page - where did you get that one? I want to join your Activity Days group!