13.1 miles. Wowzah! But I did it...this morning...today. Me.

The Top of Utah Half Marathon was so much fun, and even though I was not able to train the way I wanted to because of previous running injuries, I will say that I was not the last girl to cross the finish line. I was actually somewhere in the middle. Is there any glory in being runner 1086 out of 2012 runners? Not really. Did I feel awesome when after the race my husband pointed out that children and crippled people came through the finish line sooner than I did? Not particularly.

But I feel very happy to have completed this goal! Nobody said I had to run it fast to say I did it! So half marathon...I'm checking you off the list. For now.

(You can see some less-than-flattering pictures of race day over at The Moon House.)

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